Indianapolis Children’s Photographer | Jackson 6 Months

I met this ridiculously cute little dude back in the fall. I’ve been keeping him company (aka nannying) during the sloooow cold winter months. Not many  outdoor sessions get booked during Indiana winters! To celebrate Jackson turning 6 months I brought over all my gear and we had a photoshoot day. I was so glad to have a chance to get some updated pictures of my favorite little man! Thank goodness for my sweet husband who built my ‘little’ portable studio. That thing has come in so handy over the past year.

Let’s start things off with a smile!

I seriously cannot get over how blue his eyes are!

Jackson has a big decision ahead of him. Will he be a Cubs fan…

…or cheer for the Tigers? Talk about a family divided!! 😉 

He is such an expressive guy! This is just one of many faces he regularly makes. 


I’m so glad I found these suspenders! I’m adding them to my accessory collection. Don’t be afraid to ask to use them in your session. 

Just the sweetest little toes.

I’m so glad Jackon’s mom, Jennie, hopped in for a few quick pictures with her little guy! I love this one. 

Strong lash game! 

He decided the novelty of being in a bucket was pretty overrated and quickly started playing with the blanket. It was cute while it lasted! 😉

Well hey there handsome! This sweet face of his has gotten him so many extra kisses and snuggles over the past few months. He is the most snuggly, happy, playful little guy. He loves to be held and I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to holding him! He’s too cute to put down! 

I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful family to work for during my slow season. It’s been so fun to watch Jackson grow right before my eyes! I already miss him!!

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